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Parviz Moin

Parviz Moin

B.S., University of Minnesota, Mechanical Engineering (with High Distinction) (1974)
M.S., Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering (1975)
M.S., Stanford University, Mathematics (1978)
Ph.D., Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering (with Great Distinction) (1978)


Moin is the founding director of the Center for Turbulence Research. Established in 1987 as a research consortium between NASA and Stanford, Center for Turbulence Research is devoted to fundamental studies of turbulent flows. Center of Turbulence Research is widely recognized as the international focal point for turbulence research, attracting diverse groups of researchers from engineering, mathematics and physics.Professor Moin pioneered the use of direct and Large Eddy Simulation techniques for the study of turbulence physics, control and modelling concepts and has written widely on the structure of turbulent shear flows. His current interests include: interaction of turbulent flows and shock waves, aerodynamic noise and hydroacoustics, aerooptics, combustion, numerical analysis, turbulence control, large eddy simulation and parallel computing. He is an Editor of the Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics and Associate Editor of Physics of Fluids, Journal of Computational Physics.

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