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PSAAP III Site Visit Day 1

October 21, 2019 (All day)
Building Name: Shriram Center (04-060) - Shriram 262 Conference Room; Address: 443 Via Ortega Stanford
08.30-09.00 Review Team Private Breakfast  

The Overarching Goal

09.00-09.35 What is your overarching application, why is it important to NNSA and the broader science and engineering community and why will it require exascale level computing? GI
09.35-10.10 What is the specific goal or focal point of your simulations? Precisely what scientific questions do you plan to answer with these simulations? Provide a roadmap indicating how the various pieces of your effort fit together to advance your goals. GI
10.10-10.50 What scientific/engineering research will be required for you to reach your goals? SL
11.15-1130 Discussion & Coffee Break  
11.15-1130 Discussion of Stanford’s institutional commitment Deans

Predictive Science, V&V/UQ

11.30-11.50 What do you plan to predict and what are your quantities of interest? Specifically, what is your initial (year 1 or 2) full system prediction? What is your year 5 prediction? GI
11.50-12.10 What is the source for your validation data?  CS
12.10-12.30 What is your UQ plan?  AD
12.30-14.00 Lunch Break – (Shriram Terrace)  

The Path to Exascale

14.00-15.00 What are your planned CS contributions? How do they advance the development of exascale computing? How will you demonstrate these advancements in the context of your application simulations? AA
15.00-15.30 How do you plan to produce an integrated code across scales that can be used to demonstrate the CS advances? AA
15.30-15.50 A Prototype High-Speed Reacting Flow Solver in Legion  MdR
15.50-16.10 Discussion & Coffee Break  

Center Management

16.10-16.40 What is your management plan? Milestones should be provided in this discussion and/or in the discussions above. Discuss your perceived risks and a mitigation plan. What are your plans for interacting with the NNSA Labs? What are your plans for expanding your education portfolio to support your research agenda? GI
16..40-17.00 Discussion  
17.00-18.00 Review Team Caucus (Spilker 218)  
18.30- Dinner – Italico Restaurant, Palo Alto