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2017 TST Posters

# Title Author
1  Time-resoled measurements in a radiatively heated, particle-laden, turbulent duct flow J. Kim, A.Banko, L. Villafane, C. Elkins, J. Eaton
2 Stochastic SGS models for turbulent flow:  New scaling laws, intermittency and fractal dimension V. Mahadeo, A. Hsu, J. Glimm
3 Subgrid-scale modeling for LES of particle-laden turbulence M. Bassenne, P.L. Johnson, M. Esmaily, D. Livescu, J. Urzay, and P. Moin
4 A correction procedure for two-way coupled point-particles in the presence of heat transfer J. Horwitz, S. Ganguli, S. Lele, A. Mani
5 Drag of a Heated Sphere at Low Re: Variable Denisity, Buoyancy & Non-Boussinesq Effects S. Ganguli and S. Lele
6 Increasing fidelity of the MCRT for particle-laden flows D. Andrienko and I. Boyd
7  Stochastic Modeling of Direct Radiation Transmission in Particle-Laden Turbulent Flow A. Banko, L. Villafane, J. H. Kim, M. Esmaily-Moghadam, J. K. Eaton
8 High Fidelity Ray Tracing for Validation of Radiation Transmission K. Hansson and I. Boyd
9 Monte Carlo Radiative Heat Transfer in Regent H. Torres and G. Iaccarino
10 MCRT for Wall Thermal Boundary Conditions H. Torres and G. Iaccarino
11  A multigrid solver for flows with high density variation M. Esmaily, L. Jofre, G. Iaccarino and A. Mani
12 Dynamic Tracing:  Just-In-Time Specialization of Task Graphs for Legion W. Lee, T. Warszawski, E. Slaughter, M. Bauer, S. Treichler, M. Garland, A. Aiken
13 Parallel Hierarchical Linear Solvers C. Chen, S. Treichler, A. Aiken, S. Rajamanickam, E. Boman, E. Darve
14 In-situ visualization with task based parallelism A. Heirich, E. Slaughter, M. Papadakis, W. Lee, T. Biedert, A. Aiken
15 PSAAP-UQ 2nd Campaign:  A Bi-Fidelity Approximation for forward UQ H. Fairbanks, L. Jofre, G. Geraci, A. Doostan, and G. Iaccarino
16 3rd PSAAP-UQ - Multi level/Fidelity Strategies L. Jofre, G. Geraci, H. Fairbanks, A. Doostan, and G. Iaccarino
17 Pass-Efficient Compression of High Dimensional Turbulent Flow Data A. Dunton, L. Jofre, A. Doostan, and G. Iaccarino
18 Pass-Efficient Compression of High Dimensional Turbulent Flow DataPreservation Scheduling In Legion Applications

K. Lee, Y. Kwon, S. Gong, M. Erez