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2017 AST Posters

# Title Author
1  Description of PSAAP II 2nd UQ Campaign L. Jofre, H. Fairbanks, G. Geraci, A. Doostan and G. Iaccarino
2 Measurements of radiative effects on particle-laden turbulence channel flow Andrew Banko, Laura Villafane, Ji Hoon Kim, Chris Elkins, and John Eaton
3 Dynamic subgrid-scale modeling for LES of particle-laden flows Maxime Bassenne, Javier Urzay, George I. Park, and Parviz Moin
4 Parallel Hierarchical Linear Solvers C. Chen, S. Treichler, A. Aiken, S. Rajamanickam, E. Boman, and E. Darve
5 Stochastic SGS models for turbulent flow: New scaling laws, intermittency and fractal dimension Vinay Mahadeo, Abigail Hsu, and James Glimm
6 Stochastic vs Deterministic Particle-Particle Collision Models H. Abdehkakha and G. Iaccarino
7 A systematic study of turbophoresis Mahdi Esmaily and Ali Mani
8 Drag of a Heated Sphere:  Effects of Variable Density, Buoyancy and Periodic Lattices Swetava Ganguli and Sanjiva K. Lele
9 PR-DNS Using Unstructured Overset Grids Wyatt Horne and Krishnan Mahesh
10 Progress on Two-way Coupled Point-Particle Methods Jeremy Horwitz, Mohammad Mehrabadi, Shankar Subramanian, and Ali Mani
11 Heat Transfer in particle laden turbulence Hadi Pouransari and Ali Mani
12 Point-particle MCRT Daniil Andrienko, Kaelan Hansson, and Iain Boyd
13 Radiation transport in a particle-laden turbulent flow A. Frankel, H. Torres, A. Banko, L. Villafane, A. Mani, G. Iaccarino
14 Monte Carlo Radiative Heat Transfer in Regent Hilario Torres and Gianluca Iaccarino
15 MCRT for Wall Thermal Boundary Conditions Hilario Torres and Gianluca Iaccarino
16 Implementing DOM in Regent Sierra Kaplan-Nelson, Manolis Papadakis, Thomas D. Economon, and Wonchan Lee
17 RANS for PSAAP-II W. Edeling and G. Iaccarino
18 PSAAP-UQ 2nd Campaign:  A Bi-Fidelity Approximation for forward UQ H. Fairbanks, L. Jofre, G. Geraci, A. Doostan, and G. Iaccarino
19 Soleil-X:  A Framework for Exascale Simulations of Particle-laden Flows Thomas D. Economon, Juan J. Alonso, and Gianluca Iaccarino
20 Liszt-Regent Framework for Soleil-X Wonchan Lee, Manolis Papadakis, Elliot Slaughter, Thomas D. Economon, and Alex Aiken
21 Modeling Asynchronous Multi-Level Preservation for Legion Tasks Kyushick Lee, Yongkee Kwon, SeongLyong Gong, and Mattan Erez
22 Improving Parallel Launches with Dependencies Todd Warszawski and Alex Aiken